Stay hydrated with stainless steel water bottles from New Wave and make a difference!


new wave enviro, environment, water bottles, earth, steel water bottles, water, hydrate, hydration, endangered species, causesThis past year I have made quite a change in everything I do. One of those big changes was to drink mostly water during the day and a lot of it! We purchased a water dispenser for our home last year because we wanted to cut out plastic bottled water completely. We are always filling our cups to enjoy water but have been looking for a great reusable water bottle to take outside the home especially the gym! =)

Just recently I learned of New Wave and their lovely Enviro Products and can’t wait to share with you my review on their Endangered Species Collection of stainless steel water bottles.

new wave enviro, environment, water bottles, earth, steel water bottles, water, hydrate, hydration, endangered species, causesNew Wave is a family owned company, providing environment-friendly products since 1993. Their complete line of Enviro Filters, BPA Free Enviro Bottles, Seriously Safe Stainless Steel Bottles and Litter Free Lunch products were designed with the goal of improving the quality of life for customers by providing earth-friendly alternatives.

I’m all about saving the Earth and do as much as I can to help out. I’m pretty saddened to learn that half of our global wildlife population was lost over the past 40 years! New Wave is also bothered by this and has started an initiative focused on raising awareness on the world’s most critical endangered species. These Endangered Species stainless steel water bottles featured in my post today are not only great because they keep you hydrated during the day but also a portion of sales are donated to non-profit animal conservation organizations. Each bottle from this collection features one of three critically endangered animals.

new wave enviro, environment, water bottles, earth, steel water bottles, water, hydrate, hydration, endangered species, causesThese bottles are perfect in my opinion. They are reusable and I love being able to take them every where I go. They are very pretty with the animal prints on them and are easy to clean. My husband loves that the don’t require a straw to drink out of. I find them to be a perfect size to take along to the gym and fit good in cup holders. I like that I can just flip the lid to get a drink of water and like how easy the water flows out.

new wave enviro, environment, water bottles, earth, steel water bottles, water, hydrate, hydration, endangered species, causes

I’m very impressed with these stainless steel water bottles from New Wave and will definitely be purchasing some of their other products in the near future.

To learn more and purchase visit NEWWAVEENVIRO.COM.

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Do you use reusable water bottles?


  • Krystal

    I just read this article online about how stainless steel bottles can keep cold drinks cold longer! I’ve never tried them but they look really cool.

  • Claudia Krusch

    Love the bottles, they are so cute! Staying hydrated is so important!

  • Marielle Altenor

    I love reusable bottles. I need a new of for my son because he is required to bring one for school.

  • Jesica H

    I really need a great water bottle for work, that is easy to clean, and stays cold! This looks like a perfect option, plus I will know I am donating to a great cause! Thanks!

  • Maggie Branch

    I drink a ton of water so using plastic water bottles isn’t a financially sound option! I love my reusable water bottle.

  • Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    We’re currently using stainless bottles too! It saves us from buying bottled water. Your bottles though are cuter than mine! 😐 lol

  • rika

    Sounds like a great water bottle. I think its very important to bring our own water, save money and use less plastic

  • Jamie

    I love the designs on these stainless steel bottles! I am a big fan of stainless, as it seems so much cleaner as well as better for the environment.

  • JENN

    Those look like great water bottles. I love how they support endangered animals. Do they give off a tinny taste when you add water? Some stainless steel bottles sadly do!

  • Bites for Babies

    I’m a water bottle fanatic! these are too cute. I’m need of a new one myself and some for the kids!

  • ricci

    I love stainless steel water bottles!! My water tastes so much cleaner in them!!!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Oooo these water bottles sound fantastic!!!! Hubby always brings a water bottle to work with him. This would be great for him to bring!

  • Crystal Lopez

    I love good water bottles that you can carry with you especially with the kiddos and being on the go constantly. These are great!

  • Lee

    We actually own two of these bottles. They are perfect for gymnastics when my little one needs a water.


  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I have been drinking a ton of water lately. I need to get one of these bottles. It would be perfect for on the go.

  • Lynndee

    I’ve always preferred using stainless water bottles over plastic.water bottles. Those are really nice water bottles.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    Oh wow, tose are very stylish. I love the design and I am always a fun of stainless steel stuff.

  • victoria

    Looks like great water bottles. and I need this for my everyday workouts at a gym

  • Stacie

    Keeping hydrated is so important to our health. I love the water bottles that you received. The designs are super cute, and stainless steel makes it so durable.

  • Up Run For Life

    I need one of these water bottles. I like my water to be super cold. So this would be perfect at keeping it cold as I drink it.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely need some of these for the kids and I this summer. While we wont necessarily be working out, we’ll be outside and at the beach a lot and doing a lot of walking. Staying hydrated is a top priority in the summer.

  • OurFamilyWorld

    Those are awesome water bottles. We don’t buy bottled water anymore. The ones I bought recently are similar to this.

  • Jeanette

    Those are so cute! We have water bottles right now, but to support endangered animals I might need to get another one.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Those are cute bottles! I am all for reusable bottles like these – especially for when we travel.

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