A gorgeous day at the beach and a Seagull!


I can’t believe Summer is coming to an end and the kiddos will be starting school soon. This past weekend we decided to have one last outing away from home. We’ve been camping, visited Six Flags, and have seen a lot of forts but haven’t been to one place that you can swim, enjoy a picnic and hike all at the same time.

summerfun3While at one of my kiddos recent doctors appts the doctor gave us a pass good for a visit to any State park of our choice which I thought was pretty cool! =) I wanted to go somewhere the kids hadn’t been before and my husband had remembered a place that he use to go to a lot when growing up so away we went.


The weather had called for a chance of showers that morning but we decided to go anyway which I’m glad we did because it turned out to be a gorgeous day that wasn’t too hot and was perfect.


When we first got there we decided to take a walk along the Oceanside upon some rocky ledges. It was so beautiful looking out in the ocean and seeing all the sailboats sailing by.


After some sight-seeing we chose a perfect spot to have our picnic. There were picnic tables to sit at and the views there were nice as well.

While we were eating there was this one seagull that kept trying to eat our paper bag. I felt bad and figured it was hungry so the kids tossed it some of their left over bread. It kept coming closer so I thought I would see if it would eat out of my hand. I have never tried that before and being the pansy that I am lol, I’m surprised I did.

Check out the video below of me feeding the seagull.


After lunch we went on the beach and set up our chairs and watched the kiddos play in the sand. My little guy had never seen the ocean before and to be honest I hadn’t been near an ocean since I was a kid and it certainly wasn’t as beautiful as this place.

It felt so good to be able to relax for a bit and be barefoot in the sand with my hubby while the kids enjoyed covering each other with sand and exploring the beach. I don’t go swimming often and neither does my hubby but we both decided since it was the end of Summer we would hit the icy water and have a good time. 


 What grand adventures has your family been on this Summer?


  • Anonymous

    What an awesome day! Our family loves the beach.

  • Sharon

    Aw…what fun y’all had. Our summer sucked this year…broken AC, car window and three new tires cut into the fun budget this year. No trips for us. Well, two of our six got to go out of state for a few days, but daddy and I were stuck here

  • Elizabeth Sutherland

    Great post! I feel like summer flew by! It looks like you did a lot over the summer! I bet your kids LOVED IT 🙂

  • Elizabeth Copeland

    I absolutely love sailing, and spending some time on the beach, as well. Nothing beats a quiet, relaxing day listening to the surf.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    Looks like a great place to visit. I love the beach but have not been able to go yet this year. With summer almost over i guess i better get over there at least once.

  • Tiffany Hathorn

    Looks like a great outing! I probably would have left the bird feeding to someone else lol

  • Paula – Buenos Aires

    Seagulls are indeed quite cheeky birds while looking for food. Lovely family day!

  • Holley

    It looks like you guys had a great day at the beach! Days at the beach are the best! 🙂

  • Rosey

    That was a cool dr.’s office perk! I’m glad you had a nice day out. It’s always fun to spend a day outside with the family.

  • agatapokutycka

    Looks like a perfect day out.
    I miss the sea and sandy beach

  • Sharon

    UGH…this wasn’t a great summer. We didn’t get to go anywhere and our AC broke. TWICE! But here in Phoenix school started two weeks ago, so things are already back to normal

  • Roch

    The sound of beach waves provide much comfort. It’s quite relaxing to be in touch with nature once in a while.

  • Franc Ramon

    This is a nice bonding experience for your family. It must be fun feeding the seagull up close.

  • John Kenneth Acibedo

    Such a wonderfulol day my friend! happy vacatioN!

  • Liz Mays

    Woohoo for trying a few things you don’t normally do. That’s how to do summer!

  • Michelle F.

    What a great looking beach. The kids look like they had a lot of fun.

  • Amanda Love

    I loved this summer and did quite a few enjoyable things. Been to the Renaissance Fair, the Zoo, museum etc. btw I’m not sure if I would be comfortable with a seagull eating out of my hand lol

  • Mrs. Mashed Up

    Wow, you doc gave you a free pass? That’s pretty awesome! And it encourages the kids to be active too!

  • Catherine S

    Looks like a great family day. You can never go wrong with a trip to the beach!!

  • Lisa Hodges

    I am so sad summer is coming to an end. Not ready for my son to grow up and the lazy days of the beach, water and summer fun.

  • Jim Sriegel

    Summer time memories are the best that can be made. Enjoy them!!!

  • Touristmeetstraveler

    It’s always nice to take a break and relax at the beach!

  • Tracy

    This is a great way to end the summer. Making memories that your children will cherish!

  • Joanna Sormunen

    Beautiful pictures! It is nice to see that you had so much fun. And you were brave with that seagul! We went to the beach with my son also during these vacations. It’s a good place to relax and enjoy 🙂

  • Kendra

    The beach and watermelon? Nobody can beat that day. Looks like a great time!

  • Diana Villa

    Love it!!!! Such a beautiful family and photos. xoxo ^_^

  • Kungphoo

    Looked like a nice time!! We are heading to the beach for a much needed recharge!!

  • lisa jones

    You Have A Beautiful Family Looks Like You All Had Fun Time We Took Our Kids To The Beach A lot, Parks & The Nick Hotel It Was A Awesome Summer!

  • Taylor

    Wow looks awesome! I am going to the beach for a week next week! Can’t wait for some sun!

  • Amanda @TheMommyMix

    With me an my husband working different shifts we haven’t had much chance for anything, we are hoping to get to an amusement park or the zoo this weekend though.

  • Tiffany @DaydreamingRealist

    What beautiful photos! ah haha I love the way that bird was kinda debating about whether it should come over there or not lol. That was awesome! I love feeding birds and ducks. Your kids are adorable 🙂 Glad you guys had fun at the beach!

  • Vanessa

    I have my seven month old daughter at home now so it has been a little difficult to travel. This sounded like such a wonderful trip, your children are so cute and that seagull video is so great! I love seagulls! Next summer, my family and I would love to take our daughter to upstate New York, Vermont, and maybe even Maine!

  • Alisha Hodges

    What fun! I love the sound of sea gulls on a beach. I like feeding them, but it gets kind of scary.

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