7 ways to keep your kiddos and family busy this Summer =)


 School is out and I have to admit after a few weeks it gets boring for my kiddos. They mope around the house saying they are bored, wondering what to do during the day.  I have put together a small list of stuff we have done this summer or previous summers. Even the little things in life can be just as fun. =)


  • Have fun in your own backyard

Not everyone can just up and go somewhere to go do something. My husband works long hours on the days he works so me and the kiddos find things to do right out back in our own yard. The kids love playing with water, especially spraying each other with water guns. Another thing they like to do is play soccer even though there is no netting goal in the backyard they use their imagination and make one.


  • Nature Walks/Hikes

This is one of our favorite activities to do because it’s very easy to find a place to take a walk or hike. We used to go to a trail that lasts miles and miles and wrapped around and you could go different ways. It was a very easy walk as well for everyone. Now that we have moved we have found other places that are new to us to enjoy. It’s fun to see new surroundings. Another thing you can do while walking/hiking is Geocaching. We have yet to do it but have looked into it because it sounds fun. You can find prizes per say that others have left at certain spots around different states and you try to find it. Check it out at http://www.geocaching.com/.


  •  Plant a Veggie Garden/Tend to a Garden

This is one of my top favorites! =) Every time I used to visit a dear friend of mine years ago she always took me to her garden and picked everything she needed to make a fresh salad. Ever since then I told myself I want to be able to do that for my family. After 7 years of learning and trial and error I have been able to do that. =) The kids love planting seeds and can help with watering. They also have fun harvesting what they planted from seeds when it’s time.


  •  Take a Car Ride

Sometimes we just all jump in the family van and take a ride around town or the outskirts. It gets everyone out of the house for a little bit and around different surroundings. We have a few kids music CD’s so they have fun singing to that. Unfortunately though now with gas prices lol, the trip isn’t very long.


  •  Camping

We went camping already this year and it didn’t go as planned. Check out that post HERE . We do however plan on going camping at least 2 more times this summer if everything works out right. I always like getting away from town and away from housework for a couple of days. We get to see new scenery and visit new places. Of course have a campfire to roast marshmallows. =)


  •  Go Canoeing/Water Fun

Going out on the water is so fun in the summer time if you like the water. You can enjoy it with a Canoe, Boat, Jetski and more.. I always liked being out on the water in a pontoon boat. I can remember when I was a kid always being out on the water with my dad fishing all day everyday it seems. We don’t get out on the water much and I miss it. I will have to get a boat someday so I can take the kiddos more often. =)


  •  Family Photo Shoot

My little guys birthday is in the Summer so one year we had a Family Photo Shoot outdoors. It was fun and it was way better than sitting indoors at a photo studio. You can either hire someone to take your photos or bring the camera yourself and have fun trying different pictures, scenes, and angles.


What fun things does your family have planned this Summer to stay busy?

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  • Alysia

    We do a family photo shoot every summer and have for a few years now. Love it! It’s something I look forward to every year.
    Stopping by to say hello and leave some comment love from the Dish!
    Alysia 🙂

  • Rosey

    The backyard is one of our favorite places to play/camp/socialize. It’s a great way to get the kids out and moving too, they love the yard.

  • Brijdeep

    loved the gardening idea, and the family photo shoot..

  • Jhady

    These are fun ideas, I would love to go camping with my kids even at our backyard. Also they are in summer school right now and they enjoy every class they are in. But still sometimes they get bored so I have to do extra activity.

  • Amanda Love

    We try and do quite a bit of activities during the summer. When I lived in NY we did museums, zoos and aquarium. Here we try and find some outdoor activity to do.

  • Hilary @ The RNY Life

    Great ideas! I really want to go camping with my kids but it gets really packed fast around here. You usually have to start booking a site in March because by the time June rolls around everything is booked up.

  • Kenneth Agudo

    Well, those things that you have cited above are very true, it will keep you alive and awake this summer — staying away from boredom. I love to try the canoeing 🙂

  • John Lopez

    Some great and affordable activities! I like that they involve physical activity.

  • Michelle F.

    Those are some great ideas. I love taking car trips.

  • Nicole Brady

    I love going for walks with the family. It’s a great way to wind down in the evenings after dinner.

  • Terry C

    You have some very great ideas. My son loves to go swimming. I haven’t been camping before but when he gets a little older I may take him camping.

  • Don Purdum

    Great ideas! Keeping the kids busy when they are not in school can be such a challenge. I appreciate the ideas!

  • Michelle Christopher

    These are some great and fairly inexpensive ideas. I love the garden box. It’s a great way to teach the kids something important that is fun too. We always liked backyard fun in the summer.

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