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A special thanks to Tacky box for contacting me to review their new product.


A mother and grandmother duo created Margo’s (Max’s) Magnificent Choice, a book sold with The Tacky Box Set, which is an effective parenting tool as well as a fun read for children.
The two books – gender specific to the child but otherwise the same – illustrate the negative effect of tacky words and behaviors and the rewards of choosing kindness. Margo’s (Max’s) Magnificent Choice is a 32-page hardcover book. Each page has a brightly-colored original watercolor painting that will capture the imagination and interest of young children. The fun story is an affirmation of the power of choosing to be kind and introduces children to the concept of locking up unkind words and actions in the tacky box and never using them again. 
Through the pages of these beautifully illustrated books, children will follow Margo (Max) the Monkey as they learn the value of choosing kind words over tacky words. Boys and girls will want to emulate the monkey’s magnificent choice to refrain from repeating tacky language that he or she is sure to hear.
A wise old owl equips Margo (Max) with a Tacky Box to help her (him) lock up undesirable words and remove them from heart and mind. After reading the book, parents can present their child with his or her own authentic Tacky Box. The act of decorating the Tacky Box transforms the box into the child’s personal property.
The Tacky Box becomes a visual tool to help remind children to choose kind words and get rid of undesirable ones. Parents will be amazed at the effectiveness of writing the tacky word on a piece of paper and putting it in the box. Children become the example of good manners and a kind heart.
The Tacky Box Set includes a hardback copy of Margo’s (Max’s) Magnificent Choice, an authentic, stamped 5”x8” wooden Tacky Box, a note pad with the image of Max and Margo, and suggestions for use from the authors. For optimal success, all three must work together.


We all were pretty excited to see what Tacky Box was all about and since we have more then one kiddo we decided that we would read the book together as a family and our four oldest would each decorate the Tacky Box. We all really enjoyed the book that goes along with the box and it really stands true these days. Our kiddos and ourselves hear and see a lot of “tacky” words or behaviors so the idea of the tacky box is a great one. My kiddos really enjoyed decorating the tacky box and even though our little guy can’t color yet he really semmed to enjoy looking at the illustrations in the book. When they were finished decorating they each put a “tacky” word they have heard or have said and put it in the box. I’m very curious to see what changes will be made with the Tacky Box. =)

You can learn more and get your own Tacky Box by visiting http://www.tackybox.com/.  You can also find them on the web on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Jennifer Hiles

    What a great idea, I just love activities that are both fun and educational. My daughter would love this because of the owl and monkey, 2 or her favorites!

  • Sandra VanHoey

    I like this, not only was it fun for the kids but educational as well and anything that helps teach our children is a plus with me

  • Sandra Crispo

    I think the tot cookies would be a hit!

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