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How to Free Range Chickens While Keep...

How to Free Range Chickens While Keeping a Nice Garden
“Contributed Post” Lots of people want to keep their own chickens. They feel bad about the fact that supermarket chickens, and chicken products such as eggs, come from caged hens, and would prefer to have their own, thereby ensuring that they are properly looked after and have a good life. Keeping chickens, however, can be quite d [...]

Framed Country Art from

Framed Country Art from
Disclosure I love pictures! You won’t find too many bare spots on my walls in my home. In the living room you will find family photos and some nice beautiful scenery pictures. In the kiddos bedrooms you will find their favorite characters on their walls. In our kitchen though you will find mostly pictures of roosters [...]

I couldn’t believe what my husb...

I couldn’t believe what my husband found..
So it finally happened! A few days ago my husband came in to where I was at and said you have got to come see this. At first I didn’t want to go because I actually thought I was going to find something or see something I didn’t want to. He wanted me to come check out what he found with our chickens and knowing i [...]

Keeping your Chickens safe from preda...

Keeping your Chickens safe from predators
 A couple of months ago our family decided that we were going to get some baby chicks to raise so we could get fresh organic eggs. We were so excited when we walked into the Tractor Supply Store during their “Chick days” we got 6 baby chicks and everything we needed for starting out. They were kept inside for 6 [...]

Building a Chicken Coop

Building a Chicken Coop
 Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted anything about our life with chickens. As you may know about 6 weeks ago our family decided to adopt some baby chicks so we could get fresh organic eggs. I think now that we have chickens it’s more of having them as pets. =) I never realized how sweet they could be  [...]

So your baby chick has pasty butt? No...

So your baby chick has pasty butt? Now what?
 What the heck is pasty butt? If you have experience with chickens you probably already know the answer. For those of you with new baby chicks that have landed here on my post most likely feel the way I felt not too long ago. Our family brought home 6 new baby chicks and one ended up having “pasty butt.” Pasty b [...]

Bringing home baby chicks? 7 must-hav...

Bringing home baby chicks? 7 must-have items you need!
Are you thinking about bringing home baby chicks? Below you will find a list of 7 must-have items needed when bringing home your little ones. Our family had been thinking about getting chickens for a while now and finally decided it was time. We have been living more green and organic and thought it would be perfect to hav [...]

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