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5 Steps To Overcome The Dreaded Weigh...

5 Steps To Overcome The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau
“Contributed Post” On any weight loss journey, there comes a time when there is a bit of a plateau. It might be from you, as you become bored with the routine of dieting, or that you have been in such a routine, that your body gets used to what you are doing. Often as you want to get rid of those last ten pounds, then things can s [...]

Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove
How’s everyone doing on this fine Sunday? Seems like I have been gone for a while when it comes to blogging about my weight loss goals and journey. The beginning of the year was going really well and apparently life got in the way and found myself depressed again and went back to eating unhealthy and not getting any [...]

You Don’t Have To Give Up All O...

You Don’t Have To Give Up All Of Your Favourite Things!
*Guest post* When most of us think of healthy living, we picture getting rid of all of the things we like. But it doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be this way! When you restrict yourself completely it can lead to feeling deprived and before long, you could end up on a full on binge. The sensible option is to have a little of what you like, w [...]

The Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth
Hey everyone! How was everyone’s New Years Eve night? I didn’t do much expect hang out at home. I find that now that I’m older I cannot stay up until midnight and watch the ball drop but either way, here it is – 2017! With a new year always comes new resolutions or goals for many people, I myself i [...]

You wouldn’t believe the change...

You wouldn’t believe the changes! Weight Loss Journey Week??!!!
So it’s been awhile since I have checked in with you all on my weight loss journey progress. I really thought that when the kiddos started school my days would get easier and have more time to do things but boy was I wrong lol. I don’t even know how many weeks it has been since I started all of this but all I [...]

I lost my way…. Weight loss jou...

I lost my way…. Weight loss journey week 28!
So here I am, week 28… I don’t know how long it has been since I last posted about my weight loss journey but it seems like it has been an eternity. In my last post I mentioned I was starting to feel depressed and felt like I was slipping away. I stopped eating right and counting calories but still continued to [...]

Weight Loss Journey Week 20! Woohoo 5...

Weight Loss Journey Week 20! Woohoo 5 months in!
Hey everyone! How is your weekend going? Today was such a busy day and we got so much done. Hubby took care of the lawn and me and the kiddos built 2 raised garden beds and transplanted some veggies into the new garden. If you have been following my weight loss journey you may have read that last week I had blogged about 2 [...]

Weight loss Journey Week 15! On a rol...

Weight loss Journey Week 15! On a roll…..
Hey everyone! How was your week? Finally we had a warm day today and we have been getting some yard work done. It was a really crazy and cold Winter here so I’m so glad that finally the birds are chirping and the grass is getting greener. I’m finally back to the gym at least 1 day a week. For the last 2 weeks I [...]

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