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It’s Not Easy Being A Big, Gree...

It’s Not Easy Being A Big, Green Family
“Contributed Post” Being green or eco-friendly a big deal. It means that you have respect for the environment and do everything in your power to lessen the strain that we humans as a species are putting in this world. But when you have a big family, being green isn’t always easy. So read on for some tips of how you can make [...]

My Broccoli Plants are showing their ...

My Broccoli Plants are showing their heads =) Garden Update 7/8/14
  It’s been a few weeks since I have had a garden update so thought it was time to post one. =) I am very happy with the outcome this year so far. I’ve always wanted to have a vegetable garden so when I bought my first home 8 years ago and had some land to plant on I decided to learn as much as I could and [...]

The start of my Gardening

The start of my Gardening
   I love gardening and every year is a learning experience for me. I started 7 years ago and since my first year didn’t go as planned I have read a lot and have gotten advice from others that garden. I told myself that this year I would choose 3-4 different veggies to plant but of course loving gardening as mu [...]

“Rearz” Cloth Diaper Revi...

“Rearz” Cloth Diaper Review
  A Special Thanks to Rearz Inc. for providing me a Smitten Cloth Diaper to Review on my blog! I love anything that has to do with cloth diapering my son so I was happy to know I would be receiving this wonderful fitted diaper to review. I hadn’t heard of Rearz before so I was very curious about them. =) Rearz  [...]

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