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Neglecting Home Maintenance Will Come...

Neglecting Home Maintenance Will Come Back To Bite You
“Contributed Post” Doing maintenance on your house and garden is always a pain. It’s expensive and time-consuming, and if the damage is severe, you might have to move out of your house while the work is being carried out. Most people carry out maintenance when something breaks, and that’s the only time. But if you wait for somethi [...]

Awaken your senses with an Island Mir...

Awaken your senses with an Island Miracle Essential Oil Diffuser! #islandsmiracle
“This is a sponsored post and product was received for review. All opinions are my own.” Just a little while ago I started dabbling into essential oils. I saw others talking about them a lot and how helpful they really are and it got me intrigued. I’m still learning all about them and was really excited w [...]

Five Things You Need To Be Prepared T...

Five Things You Need To Be Prepared To Change About Your New Home
Moving into your new home is a stressful and exciting time. When it’s all said and done, it can feel a bit alien, too. Homes can take a little time to get used to. Especially if they come with some problems that escaped first notice. So, you need to roll your sleeves up and prepare to do some work. Here are the things that you’re most likely [...]

DIY No-Sew Curtains

DIY No-Sew Curtains
 Every time I walk  through the craft section at the store I always wished I knew how to be crafty and make all those cool things. I’m one that does not know how to sew either. Apparently it’s not something that comes to me easy and I wished it did. Maybe someday when my kids get older and life slows down I can [...]

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