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Setting, Smashing & Saying Goodb...

Setting, Smashing & Saying Goodbye To Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals
“Contributed Post” When you decide that you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, you can often find yourself completely overwhelmed when it comes to making it happen. Whether you’re reading up on different topics or looking to take different pieces of a [...]

Weight loss Journey Week 15! On a rol...

Weight loss Journey Week 15! On a roll…..
Hey everyone! How was your week? Finally we had a warm day today and we have been getting some yard work done. It was a really crazy and cold Winter here so I’m so glad that finally the birds are chirping and the grass is getting greener. I’m finally back to the gym at least 1 day a week. For the last 2 weeks I [...]

New Year! New ME with Weight Watchers...

New Year! New ME with Weight Watchers New Simple Start Program! =)
Disclosure:  “A subscription to Weight Watchers Online was provided to me for free by Weight Watchers.” Wow! Can you believe the new year is already here and the month of January is almost gone? Every year on New Years Eve I make the same resolution that I am going on a diet. Well needless to say I didn’t even make i [...]

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