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Dream Garden Realities – How To...

Dream Garden Realities – How To Get And Keep The Garden You Love
“Contributed Post” Most of us know we should be doing more to enjoy our outside spaces. And most of us know just how hard it is to maintain a good backyard that serves the entire family. The weather isn’t always helpful either. There are plenty of ways you can tackle even the toughest challenges of your garden. And yes, you can ma [...]

How to Free Range Chickens While Keep...

How to Free Range Chickens While Keeping a Nice Garden
“Contributed Post” Lots of people want to keep their own chickens. They feel bad about the fact that supermarket chickens, and chicken products such as eggs, come from caged hens, and would prefer to have their own, thereby ensuring that they are properly looked after and have a good life. Keeping chickens, however, can be quite d [...]

Celebrate Earth Day by starting an Or...

Celebrate Earth Day by starting an Organic Vegetable Garden
“We are a Stonyfield Ambassador that received free product from High Mowing Organic Seeds to help us with our family planting project for Earth Day. All opinions are ours alone.” Earth Day is just around the corner and we’re celebrating! A few years ago my family and I realized the importance of recycling [...]

My Broccoli Plants are showing their ...

My Broccoli Plants are showing their heads =) Garden Update 7/8/14
  It’s been a few weeks since I have had a garden update so thought it was time to post one. =) I am very happy with the outcome this year so far. I’ve always wanted to have a vegetable garden so when I bought my first home 8 years ago and had some land to plant on I decided to learn as much as I could and [...]

The start of my Gardening

The start of my Gardening
   I love gardening and every year is a learning experience for me. I started 7 years ago and since my first year didn’t go as planned I have read a lot and have gotten advice from others that garden. I told myself that this year I would choose 3-4 different veggies to plant but of course loving gardening as mu [...]

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