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Autum Gardens and How to Prepare Them...

Autum Gardens and How to Prepare Them For Winter
“Contributed Post” Gardens are meant to be enjoyed in the warmer seasons, but when autumn has so much beauty to offer, we might as well make it pleasant this time of the year as well. It’s a bit easier when you don’t have those patches of wet grass or brown soil, and you get to take advantage of the crystal clear autumn light too. [...]

5 Ways to Keep Off Winter Weight

5 Ways to Keep Off Winter Weight
As the temperatures drop, and we cover up in our jeans and sweatshirts, it is easy to lose track of what we are eating and how many calories we are consuming. Then come springtime, we’re surprised to see a bigger number on the scale. Prevention can be even more difficult with all the holiday get-togethers and relatives begging you to tr [...]

Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Driving Touchs...

Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Driving Touchscreen Gloves
Disclosure It’s that time of year again, the sunny warm days have left us (near me anyway) and I have found myself reaching for the warmer jacket, a hat and gloves when I’m heading out the door. I’m one that doesn’t like the cold so I’m always trying to find the best that will keep me warm and [...]

Stonz “Winter Bootz” Revi...

Stonz “Winter Bootz” Review
A special thanks to STONZWEAR for providing me a great pair of boots to review on my blog. =) Fall is now among us which means it’s getting even closer to Winter. If you live in an area like me you know it’s going to get cold and we have that wonderful white snow to look forward to. Year after year the jackets, [...]

juDanzy Review

juDanzy Review
  A Special Thanks to the wonderful ladies at juDanzy for sending me these wonderful products to review on my blog. juDanzy; formerly known as “My Little Legs” was created by 2 moms. =) You may know them by those cute little leg warmers but they have now expanded to so much more. From headbands, socks, leg [...]

ValueRays Heated Mouse Review

ValueRays Heated Mouse Review
A SPECIAL THANKS TO VALUERAYS FOR PROVIDING ME A HEATED MOUSE FOR REVIEW ON MY BLOG. I’m a blogger and love the internet so you can imagine I spend a lot of my free time on the computer which means I use a mouse. I have used a lot of different ones but had no idea that there was such a thing as a heated mouse? I just [...]

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