Teach Kids Where Food Comes From With These Fun Ideas

As your children get older, they might start to asking you the names of certain foods and where they come from. Even though they might know that you buy it from a store, they may not fully understand what happens before that. Their vibrant imagination might make them believe that food falls from the sky or is created by magic. While it’s good to encourage them to come up with creative conclusions, it’s also important to teach them the fact too. But the last thing you want to do is make it seem boring. These fun ideas will make it easier to teach your kids where food comes from, while also making the learning process more active and enjoyable.



Cook with fresh ingredients

Giving your kids convenience and processed food every meal time won’t teach them anything. It’s also not good for their health. So why not encourage them to help you cook and prepare fresh ingredients instead. You can explain where each ingredient comes from then show your child how to mash, mix and chop each item. You could make a salad or create your own fries and burgers. Look at the Boggiatto Produce website for recipe ideas or use healthy kids cookbooks for inspiration. This will not only teach them where food comes from but will also introduce them to new textures and flavors.

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Visit a local farm

Visiting a farm is a fantastic day out for the whole family, that can also be educational. Your kids can meet the livestock, see crops up close and get involved in planting seeds in the fields. Some farms will even let you pick your own fruit from the trees and plants. You could have a race to see who can pick the most strawberries or who can find the largest plum or apple. Once you’ve finished, you can have a picnic and enjoy the fruit you’ve picked. You might even have some left to take home with you. This will show your kids exactly where their food comes from and also makes being active fun. Find out when different fruits are in season to make sure you visit when they are at their ripest.



Keep chickens

If you have space in your yard, why not buy and keep chickens in your own coop. This can provide your family with fresh eggs and teach your kids more about where they come from. You can give your child the responsibility of feeding the chickens and checking for eggs each day. They will love the excitement of collecting the eggs, and you can teach them different ways of preparing them. If you don’t have enough room in your garden, you could visit a community chicken coop instead. These are often found at allotments and farms and provide just as much information and enjoyment.

These fun ideas should give your child a much better understanding of where the food on their plate comes from. It will help them make healthier food choices in future and could even entice them to try new things more easily.


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