The END to Breastfeeding?


So here I sit tonight and keep thinking about how proud I am of having made it over 11 months so far of breastfeeding my son. I can’t remember how long I made it with my four oldest children but I know it couldn’t have been more than 2 months. It was hard at the beginning, very hard but I was determined that it was going to happen. Of course now here is the time that he’s crawling around, interested in everything but mommies milk. He definitely seems like he is weaning himself from the booby milk and I’m kind of sad about that. 🙁 Not breastfeeding this long before I have no idea how to wean him fully or if it is time to wean him. Everybody has their story on when is the right time to stop and how long they think is right. I’ve heard one year, some have said 2 years, and I have even seen on the internet talk of longer then 2 years. So apparently it is all different and comes right down to the mommy and child.  I definitely don’t see my little guy wanting to breastfeed for another 6 months but who knows? Time will tell… How long did you breastfeed for if your a breastfeeding mom? How did you know it was time to wean? How did you wean?


  • Melodie Brower

    It can be tough deciding when, with Daniel I continued after 1 yr but only at bed time, it was tough to ween him off but I was pregnant again and he was biting, it took about a week of hearing him cry at night and not giving in. It was so hard for me…..with Logan after about 9 months he was stealing Daniels sippy cup and during feeding he was more interested in playing, I continued at night until about 1 year…I remember it being tough knowing that this was my last child, I really enjoyed the bonding time with them. Everyone will have a different story and everyone will have a different idea of when, i say if hes old enough to make his own breakfast ita probably past time, i saw an article once about a mother still nursing her 8 yr old, lol….seeiously though, you’ll know when you’re ready….

  • lonly father

    I remember on my last 3 you were to lazy to breast feed them but brendan just did not like your milk same with kaitlin she did not like the alcohol in her milk . And what do you think they are going to think the kids going to think about you not keying them see there day all this time ….. We all know what the are going to say

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