Unusual Ways To Utilize Garden Space


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Whether your garden is big or small, it can be a place to relax and enjoy your outside space. With this in mind, here are some different ways to use your space and make the most of what you have.

You can spend a fortune on making your garden not just beautiful but functional. So let’s look for ways to save and be clever. For a small garden, use pots and planters to give you color and sparkle. Don’t buy fancy planters but look again at what is lurking in the garage or loft. Old dishes, baskets, and even Wellington boots can be planted up! You will surprise yourself on what will make a great pot for your plants. Look again at your fence or wall. Why not grow up? We don’t mean that literally! Fix your unique planters to the fence. This is a great space saver for a smaller garden and adds a special touch.


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All gardens need storage. Look again at your garden bench. There will be room underneath to store some practical boxes for your small tools. Larger gardens can accommodate a shed. Think big and look at the huge range available. You can customize with paint and lights. Enjoy using the space for storage and as a small outdoor living space. So sneak in a cozy chair and a table!


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You can use your garden space for more adventurous projects. It is certainly worth considering creating an extra living space. It can add value to your property and be a great solution for your growing family. This can be older children who are staying home into their twenties. It can also be for older family members you want to come and share your home with. Granny flats have become increasingly popular. They allow you to use your garden space effectively. Backyard Granny’s are a company that specialize in just this! These flats can be custom-built to fit your space. They can give independence and security. It is a wise investment and one worth serious consideration.

There is a real satisfaction in growing your own fruit and vegetables, so plant a vegetable garden. Big or small, your garden should work for you. So, grow tomatoes or strawberries in hanging baskets for those of us with small gardens. Grab a grow bag, turn it on its side and grow potatoes. Fill some of your fence or wall baskets with herbs. Place them near the barbecue. If you have a larger plot then why not build some raised beds? You can treat yourself and the family to even more vegetables! Just starting out? Then choose easy-to-grow salad leaves. Peas and beans and potatoes are all simple and straightforward. There is a fruit tree for every garden, so head down to the garden center and get some advice on the best one for your plot. Picking your own apples or plums, what could be better!


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So look again at your garden space. Give your imagination a workout and you will be surprised at what you can create. A garden can be beautiful, and a garden should be an investment, so enjoy!

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