Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Driving Touchscreen Gloves


vbiger, gloves, winter gloves

It’s that time of year again, the sunny warm days have left us (near me anyway) and I have found myself reaching for the warmer jacket, a hat and gloves when I’m heading out the door. I’m one that doesn’t like the cold so I’m always trying to find the best that will keep me warm and that is also functional.

vbiger, gloves, winter glovesJust recently I was sent a pair of outdoor cycling gloves by Vbiger for review.

Product Description from Vbiger:

Knitting stretch fleece, silica gel printing and conductive cotton information: The touch conductive cotton is applied newest research technology, which will never damage the screen. The finger and palm part is applied the silica gel anti-skip design, which in not easy to fall. When you drive, you will be better to control the steering wheel and gears. It is made of highly elastic knitting woolen materials, which is flexible and comfortable to operate. It is also soft comfortable warm. The finger part is applied the 3D tailoring, which fits close the hand. It is quite elastic flexible at ease.

vbiger, gloves, winter gloves

I got a black and pink pair because of course I like pink. They fit perfect and snug which is good because I don’t like gloves that are loose making it hard to drive. These have been perfect while driving. I was never able to use my cellphone outside before but now I can with these gloves. So far they have kept my hands warm while using them.

To learn more and purchase visit Amazon.com.

Has the weather gotten colder in your area?


  • Yona Williams

    I don’t wear gloves myself much (or use my electronics while out and about as much), although the rest of my family does. This is something that would be good for my brother or father as a gift.

  • Krystal

    I could see how those would be useful for those who need them! I have no reason for gloves but my husband might!

  • Donna Ward

    These are something new to me – I have my bike gloves – but never heard about this type – I’ll be putting them on my want list – Look and sounds perfect for the brrr… season here!

  • Britni

    These gloves look awesome. I would love gloves that work on my touch screen phone. I have been looking for gloves just like this.

  • Peachy

    Those cycling gloves look great and will definitely keep you warm while you’re out and about.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These Vbiger Outdoor Cycling/ Driving Touchscreen gloves would be perfect for me because I am glued to my cellphone. These would make a great gift idea for my sister while she is driving to work and back too. She is hard shop for but these I think would be perfect for her.

  • rika

    Nice gloves and look very comfortable. We live in San Diego, the weather is pretty warm.

  • rochkirstin

    I bought a pair of touchscreen gloves as well however I would only use them when I go to countries that are pretty cold. Here in Manila, we don’t have winter and we’d probably just wear gloves as a fashion statement. 🙂

  • Pam

    I love touchscreen gloves. It’s great to be able to make calls or send texts without having to take your gloves off and have cold fingers.

  • OurFamilyWorld

    The gloves look so cool. I love that you can still use phone with these gloves.

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