Veggie garden


I’m so excited this year for my veggie garden. When I first bought my home I was so happy that I had land I could do anything on. I’ve always dreamed of making my own garden and watching the beautiful veggies appear. Unfortunately every summer since I moved here I haven’t been very successful of making that happen. The first year I picked a spot that was just too wet for a garden, the years after that I only got minimal veggies out of my garden. Always had good luck with lettuce, not nothing else lol. This year by seedlings are growing nicely. This year I am also using a Sprout It website that helps you keep track of your garden. It is really neat! It tells you when to plant, how to plant, and a bunch of great information. I feel very confident that this year will be the best yet. I can’t wait to go outside and gather veggies to make a great tasty salad this summer. 🙂

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