Walmart Coupon Haul


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my coupon haul from yesterday. Now I am not a pro couponer lol, YET! 😉 I do love saving money so any savings is exciting. I’m pretty excited that a couple of stores we go to will be giving me their leftover weekend papers every week so I can get the coupons from them. =)

A funny thing I noticed now that I am using coupons and finding deals is sometimes the product is all cleaned off from the shelf, never noticed it before but now I know why lol. After picking up everything I could find that I had coupons for and thought was a good deal we headed to the cash register and separate orders into 2 so I could keep all the coupon items in one transaction so it was easier to make sure everything was going right. I even played the coupon fairy and left coupons near products that I personally didn’t think was a good deal to me but someone else might think so! =)

The products that I picked up that I had coupons for were 2 containers of Gerber Graduate snacks, large bottle of Tresseme shampoo, a can of Gillette Fushion Shaving cream, Venus Razors, 2 pack of Olay Barsoap, Reach dental flosser, package of Equate pads, 2 bottles of Dawn Dish detergent, Dove deodorant, Degree deodorant, Crest toothpaste and 3 packages of Hormel Pepperoni. All products with tax totaling 43.96. After coupon total was 24.91, with a savings of $19.05. Not a HUGE savings but good enough for me, for now 😉

With the savings I was able to purchase some items that will help me coupon better. =) I picked up a 3 ring binder so I can put coupon sheet pages inside and make my life a little easier than trying to look into envelopes, a file box to put all those newspapers in I get and a paper-cutter to cut all the coupons we need to cut.



 Do you have any tips or tricks that you use while shopping with coupons? I would love to hear them! =)

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