Weight loss Journey 2015! Week 1!


Hello and welcome to my first post of my weight loss journey for 2015. It’s a new year and at the end of 2014 my husband and I made a pact that on January 1, 2015 we were going to eat different and somehow incorporate exercise into our busy lives.

Before the 1st I donated all the food that was currently in the home that would not be considered “healthy” and replaced those foods with healthier ones. I am at the heaviest I have even been in my life and it’s really taking a toll. To be honest I can’t even believe I’m posting a picture of myself for the world to see how big I am. I like seeing progress in pictures so I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures on Day 1 and monthly after that point. Every week we will weigh in and track our progress and take body measurements bi-weekly. My long-term goal is to lose 125lbs! It’s going to be a long road but I know I can get there.

My husband and I are a team and are doing this together. Unfortunately this is how we got into this mess as well. Good company and good food, yep that’s how it was everyday. Take-out, pizza, Chinese food, pizza, yep pizza again.. As you can see though he didn’t gain as much as I did. Go figure! We have tried this before with not much success. This time we’re not calling it a diet but a change for the better. We don’t count calories as of yet and are following no weight loss plan besides our own. If I find that I’m not losing each week then I may have to cut back or start counting calories. So far so good though.

It’s been a week and I have to say it has been pretty easy so far. I’ve been enjoying making home cooked meals and making healthy recipes. The only thing I wish I could have worked on more was getting more exercise. I’m pretty proud of my hubby too for ditching the soda since I know it was hard for him to do.

For my first week my weight loss was.. drumroll…. 6 lbs and my hubby lost 2 lbs. =)

Next week my goal is to start exercising more.

        Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check back in next week to see our progress for week 2.


  • Lynndee

    That is exciting! Reminds me of my mom. While your goal is losing weight, mine is actually to gain some. 🙂

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Congratulations on your first week weight loss. 6lbs is amazing, almost half a stone gone already! Keep it up 🙂

  • Rosey

    That’s smart to take pictures. I think it’s inspiring to see something happening, I guess I’m a visual learner. 🙂 Good luck to you! I’m looking forward to hearing when you meet your goals!

  • Chrystal @ YUM eating

    Congrats on taking the first step and getting yourself out there. I know how hard that is. I am in a similar situation and have about 80-100lbs to lose. It is the biggest I have been too. So far I have been eating better and we recently put up a heavy bag so I can take up boxing again. I’m trying to get back in the habit of my treadmill too. You can do it. I look forward to your progress and updates.

  • Kiwi

    New Year New Bodies! Good Luck on the weightloss journey keep us updated!

  • lauriel

    This is such a great journey to document (with photos as well; great way to literally see the progress) on your blog, congrats on your first success of many, I’m sure! Good luck, both of you!


  • Bradley Finnearty

    Making sure you are at a healthy weight is important for your heart. Good luck and keep us up to date.

  • Cherri Megasko

    Six pounds? Oh my goodness – that’s fantastic. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to watch you as you lose more and get healthier! Congratulations!

  • Kori

    You’re both off to a great start! I’m sure that you’ll see continued success.

  • Elizabeth O.

    That’s so amazing! I hope I can lose that much weight too in a week.

  • mykidsguide

    Awesome job on making this choice, I know you can accomplish this goal; you’ve made a great start!

  • Tena Osborne

    Excellent! Hang in there.

  • michele d

    Congrats! One week down, you must feel great doing it with your husband. Great way to get healthy with someone who you love. Awesome!

  • Nina Say

    Gooooood job! We pigged out over the holidays way too much and recently started our weight loss journey all over again, too. You are doing amazing!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    Bravo for being brave and putting your picture out there. I would not have had the courage. I am also at my heaviest and the thought of losing this 75 pounds is daunting.

  • tammileetips

    The first 30 days are the worst! That is amazing your husband is doing this with you what a great built in support system you both will have!

  • Nichole

    Congratulations so far. Wishing you all the success to meet your goals!

  • Sara

    6lbs! that’s amazing! I have to get into gear and join you on your journey. You’re such an inspiration – only a week into the year!

  • Jeanine

    How awesome! Sounds like you are on a great track and you will do amazing! I’m looking forward to following along!

  • lisa

    Great way to start 2015! And your first week was phenomenal!

  • Kungphoo

    Great start! It is not easy to stick and lose at the same time.. I started my journey in October and so far down about 35lbs.. stick with it and you will be successful!

  • Krystal

    Congratulations on making the choice to get healthy! Best of luck to the both of you. I look forward to reading up on your progress!

  • Stephanie

    You are off to a great start! I can’t wait to see what happens next week and how you feel after getting some exercise in with healthy food choices!

  • Echo

    Congratulations on the first week! 6 and 2 pounds is fantastic! Just don’t get discouraged if the next week, you don’t lose as much. That is what usually happens to me!

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