Wildpack Rolling Luggage Bag by Okiedog


OkieDog, luggage, luggage bag,  You may have seen one of my recent reviews for the Tiny Treasures Princess Bag from Okiedog and today I’m sharing another one of their lovely products from their Wildpack line. Okiedog is a global company that makes diaper bags, stroller accessories and preschool bags.

OkieDog, luggage, luggage bag,Wildpack are loveable animals with adorable faces and plush ears, designed to delight and entertain toddlers aged 2-5 years old. Wildpack bags are water resistant, easy to clean and very light weight. Due to their soft shell and their 3D shape they are truly a new breed amongst all other children bags!

OkieDog, luggage, luggage bag,

After looking at the entire line of Wildpack items I saw this cute Tiger rolling luggage bag and knew my youngest son would love it. It has a 3D Tiger on the front along with monkeys and other safari animals. My son loves how the tiger is 3D and thinks that is pretty neat.

OkieDog, luggage, luggage bag,

It has plenty of room inside the luggage bag and also includes a mesh pocket and a write-on name tag.

Features include:

  • 3D design
  • water repellent soft shell
  • height with extended handle: 27 in
  • interior mesh pocket
  • interior write-on name tag
  • PVC, AZO, BPA and phthalate free

OkieDog, luggage, luggage bag,

My son is going to be starting preschool this year and I think this bag would be perfect to take in with him to bring everything he needs there during the day. It is also going to be great for this Summer when we go on vacations too. For now he has been putting his favorite toys inside and wheeling it around during the day. =)

To learn more and purchase visit okiedog.us. Be sure to use code “3301 to save 20% on all items at okiedog.us until Aug. 31, 2015!

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  • Bree @ HalfPennyBlog

    This is adorable! My baby cousins would love these! I think I know what to get them for the next celebration!

  • Theresa

    These are so cute! I’ll have to look up Okiedog.

  • Yona Williams

    I think this is just the cutest thing for kids. I’m a huge fan of tigers too, and items that are colorful. Would make a nice gift for my god-daughter.

  • Elayne

    What a cute piece of luggage! With the travel season upon us my kids are ready to abuse their luggage once again as we travel to church conventions and vacations. I like the fact that it’s on wheels which makes it easy to run through the airport, as we are always late.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    What an adorable piece of luggage for the kiddos! My kids are just getting old enough, so this is a great option for them when we travel. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    That is an absolutely adorable luggage set for kids! My son loves tiger so he would really love this! It looks like it would be very easy for kids to pull around.

  • Michellette “MimiCuteLips” Green

    I love, love, love this. My daughter is 3 and she would love this cute luggage. She has never been on a plane so I hope to take her soon.

  • Jon

    What a cute design! It sure brings some color to travel cases! I want one for my kids!

  • HilLesha

    I have never heard of this luggage brand, but thank you for the heads up! I know that both of my children would love to have something like this, especially when traveling.

  • Krystal

    I love how fun this is. You would never lose it on a plane that is for sure. My son would love it.

  • Kisa Johnson

    Awww, that’s super cute! I wonder if my son would like it for taking things over to his visits at his dads place. Hmm… Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I didn’t know there was such a thing.

  • Uplifting Families

    This is a super cute piece of luggage. My youngest would like this piece. At the moment, we don’t travel a bunch.

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg now this is such a cute suitcase!!! My daughter would love something like this for all of our adventures!! Just too cute!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a fantastic bag. I love that it has wheels. It would make it so much easier for kids to use.

  • Lynndee

    That is really one cute bag. If my son would have been younger, I would get him one like that. He is already going to middle school this coming school year. 🙂

  • Jeanine

    Now that is a cute luggage bag! Adorable and big too. I like how roomy it looks. Would be perfect for my boys or both girls if we ever go on vacay again!

  • Chubskulit Rose

    Oh how cute is that! Kids love to have their own little luggages when traveling, your son looks like so happy to have his.


  • Ourfamilyworld

    That is a cute one! It’s roomy too, so you can put a lot of stuff in there.

  • Mistee Dawn

    Oh I love this. Something like this would be perfect for my daughter. She would absolutely love this!

  • Raijean

    OH how cute, I could use one of these for the boychild. He loves to travel and has to have his own luggage.

  • Jessica Simms

    This is so cute! We have a purse from them they are such good quality!

  • celebbabylaundry

    That is such a cute luggage bag! I am sure any kid would love to have that, looks great for travelling and has a nice size.

  • Melissa

    This looks great! My daughter would love this! I love the cute face on front!

  • Terry

    Cute… Cute… Cute…. We are taking our Grandkids on vacation this summer and this would be perfect for my youngest Granddaughter.

  • michele d

    What a super cute bag. Loving that lion on the front. Perfect for a little boy. Great for trips and school too!

  • Christy Maurer

    Awww! What a cute suitcase! I think any kid would be happy to have that for a trip! It looks like it is such great quality too.

  • Alli

    What a cute rolling luggage bag! What preschooler wouldn’t love jet setting around with this? It’s adorable!

  • Ronda Ogilvie

    oh my gosh, what a super cute luggage! My kids would adore this! I would be almost scared to use this at an airport in fear of it getting damaged! It is too cute!

  • Kori Tomelden

    What a fun looking bag for a child! I wish they’d make those for adults, too. I’d bring mine around with me with pride.

  • Nancy

    Such a sweet little carry-on suitcase for kids! I love seeing kids with their own gear in the airport. Haha!

  • Diana Villa

    That wildpack is so adorable! My daughter is going to start Pre-K very soon, I definitely going to use your promo code. Thanks you so much ^_^

  • R U S S

    This is just super cool & cute. And, t’s going to teach kids to be independent ( I think ) and organized. It’s going to show them the importance of packing one’s stuff and to just bring what’s important … could be for slumber parties or for trips with families. I like that it’s water repellent which I think is an important feature that luggage bags should have.

  • Myrah – Coupon Mamacita

    My daughter would have loved this when she was little. She was obsessed with tigers.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is the cutest little suitcase ever! This is great for travel, and even as a great way to carry their stuff to sleep overs.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is really cute. My young nieces and nephews would love this and a few have birthdays coming up 🙂

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