Yummi Pouch *Brights* Review

Yummi pouch



When my youngest son was old enough to start eating solid foods I always made him fresh baby food. I always loved being able to make large batches and freezing some for another day. That way I at least knew what was in his food. When my son got a little older and could feed himself he was very interested in the organic food pouches in the stores that he could just hold and eat. Those are pretty easy but I would have loved to have been able to make him his own to eat out of a pouch. I really wish I would have known about these Yummi Pouches months ago!


I couldn’t wait to experiment with these new *Brights* Yummi Pouches. Don’t they look cool? I decided to use some pears and kiwis to make my son a healthy treat. I steamed the pears and then took those and the peeled kiwis and put them a blender with 2 cups of water and blended until smooth. The pouches hold up to 6 oz and the top has a reclosable opening where you can pour either your snacks or liquid mixture into. (Don’t laugh but at first I didn’t know there was hole on the top to put the mixture and I was thinking how am I going to pour that in the small hole on the side? bahaha) It worked pretty well and all 4 pouches got filled.  These pouches can be stored in the fridge and freezer. They are reusable which is great! Dishwasher safe if you wash your dishes that way, you can put them right in with your other dishes to get cleaned. You can also use them as a container for dry snacks as well. They are BPA and Pthlate Free, Recyclable and CPSP Compliant.


My other children want to use these to take snacks to school; so we will definitely have to purchase some extra. I highly recommend these Yummi Pouches, they are awesome!

Check out Yummi Pouch on their website to learn more and purchase these great products.  www.yummipouch.com Store: www.yummipouch.com/store. They can also be found on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. =)

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  • krystal rivera

    OMG!! these are too stinkin cute! i love how green they are and how custom they can be this is great i need some!!

  • Samantha s Brown

    really neat idea, great review

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